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Tazzari EV Electric Vehicle Evolution

The company’s history is the history of Italian electric cars, the first and only 100% electric car designed, developed and produced at the facilities of Tazzari Group in Imola, in the heart of the Motor Valley.

Tazzari Group is a group of companies founded in 1963 thanks to the entrepreneurial impetus of Giorgio Tazzari, but it was an idea of Erik Tazzari’s (President of the Group since 2005) that, in 2006, led to the ZERO Project being conceived: the objective is to create an electric city car with technical features never seen before, including an innovative ultralight chassis technology using aluminium casting assembled with aerospace structural adhesives and the most advanced technology for the management of lithium batteries, for extraordinary performance and autonomy.

Tazzari ZERO was born out of half a century of experience of Tazzari Group in aluminium fusion technology and in the supply of automotive/motorcycle components, combined with the skills acquired in the chassis, electronics and design sectors.

The first electric car model Tazzari ZERO was presented in December 2009 at the preview of Bologna Motor Show. It enters the market in January 2010. While the first ZERO was a pioneering and revolutionary product, in the following years the company engaged in further research and manufacture and ongoing development of the range and new models.

Tazzari electric cars have the advantage of the experience of millions of kilometres driven on roads all over the world.

Moreover, Tazzari Group, through its Tazzari EV Technologies division, collaborates actively in development of electric vehicles and cars of other brands.